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Sponsors not only gain a great deal of visibility by sponsoring the event, but the funding they provide also helps support NHF in launching premier educational events. Sponsorship and/or support via educational grants provide an excellent way for companies to have high visibility in front of all meeting attendees. Our goal is to provide each company that wishes to offer support at our event an opportunity to find a specific sponsorship item that fits its needs and budget. For this reason, we have developed a menu model that allows conference supporters to create a sponsorship package that is individually tailored to meet each company's needs. 

For more information, please contact:

Maria M. Salas-Pilla, LL.M, HMCC
Senior Director of Conference & Travel Services

Third Party Communication 

NHF's Virtual BDC will communicate only with third party companies that are officially mandated and clearly identified by participating sponsors. Queries received from third party companies (i.e. communication and press agencies) that do not identify the company they represent will not be answered. A formal certification should be sent from the sponsor to NHF authorizing the third party to engage in work on its behalf.

We recommend you to provide your potential vendor or vendors with all information regarding symposia or any other Virtual Bleeding Disorder Conference related inquiries.


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